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January 2022

NSGA Adak Disestablished, January 31, 1996

In July 1995, Naval Security Group activity (NSGA) Adak was slated for closure under the Base Realignment and Closure Act and deactivated on January 31, 1996. At the time of deactivation approximately 500 military and 50 civilian personnel were on the island.  Officially, the military mission ended on March 31, 1997, and the station closed.

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Honoring Conrad R. Hoffman, CTI2, USN

CTI2 Conrad Hoffman was in the first communications technician (CT) class to graduate Naval Communications Training Center, Corry Field, Pensacola.

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Tenth Fleet is Born

Fighting the U-boats
Allied Navies

US Navy –
Tenth Fleet Fights the U-boats

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First Women Marine Arrived at Corry Station, 1977

Company K (Corry Station)
Marine Support Battalion

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Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
An Overview

James G. McAdams, III
Senior Legal Instructor
Legal Division

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Remembering the Crew of Ranger 12

The seven men assigned to the Ranger-12 flight were typical of the 1980s Navy, which is to say they did not fit the stereotype in which many people still cast military professionals.  These were not barely high school graduates who fled to the service for a steady job.  They were well educated, mature, and – for the most part – was their work as a career, not a job opportunity.  In their own individual ways, they were really quite extraordinary.

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