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March 2016

Progress Report

On January 1, 2016, Station HYPO posted a list of resolutions for the year.

That list, with a few self-determined grades and notes, follows.

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Best Practices – NIOC Georgia Alternate Uniform Policy

How do you build esprit de corps while celebrating your Sailors’ accomplishments while deployed?

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Shanghai, China (Station A) Moved to USS Monocacy (PG-20) – The Beginning!

Early in 1924, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Admiral Edward W. Eberle, encouraged the Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet (CINCAF), Admiral Thomas Washington, to expand radio intelligence facilities in his area. As a result of this encouragement, in 1924, the first shore-based intercept station was established in the American consulate in Shanghai. Its primary target was the diplomatic radio network serving the numerous Japanese consulates throughout China. Shanghai also copied both Naval and commercial traffic (Japanese and British).

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ASA flew first DF mission over Vietnam, March 22, 1962

March 22, 1962, the Army Security Agency (ASA) flew the first airborne radio direction finding mission in Vietnam.  It was a single-engine aircraft that flew low, slow, and had room for only a few people.  This mission flew against Viet Cong transmitters east of Saigon.

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The Evolution of Corry Station (1922 – 2016)

 Aviation Training

Corry Station was first established and called Corry Field.  Corry Field was the first auxiliary field established by the Navy to support flight training operations at the Pensacola Flight School.  In 1922, a site north of Pensacola was obtained from the Escambia County Commission on a no-cost, five-year lease.

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NSGA Bainbridge Island WA Disestablished

In 1930, OP-20-G planners selected the 13th Naval District, which included Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, as well as Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, as a prospective location for two new intercept sites: one, a large site to cover Japanese point-to-point traffic with Europe and China on low and high frequencies during wartime.  The other was a small site in Alaska (“but not in the islands”) to cover Japanese ship-to-shore communications in both peace and war.  Continue reading “NSGA Bainbridge Island WA Disestablished”

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