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May 2019

Cryptologic Technician – Senior Chief Petty Officer Results

Congratulations to the following personnel who have been selected for advancement to senior chief petty officer by the FY-20 Active-Duty Navy E8 Selection Boards.

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Remembering CT2 Jerry Lee Goss, KIA USS LIBERTY

CT2 Jerry Lee Goss, USN
May 30, 1941 – June 8, 1967

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Memorial Day

Listed below are those Information Warfare Community members (past and present) who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  This is not a complete list.

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Examine all Suspect Correspondence and Forward it to the King!

How far back does organized intercept go?

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CAPT Joe Sears Assumes Command of Cryptologic Warfare Group-SIX

Today, Captain Joe Johnson was relieved by Captain Joe Sear as Commodore of Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX (CWG-6).  Captain Sears’ biography follows:

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Honoring Captain Joe J. Johnson, Commodore CWG-SIX

Tomorrow Captain Joe J. Johnson will be relieved by Captain Joe Sears as Commodore, Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX.

Captain Johnson’s biography follows:

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Black EP3 Orions CIA Covert Program (updated)

Between May 19 and July 12, 1966, three black Orions (148669, 149673 and 149678) were handed over to the Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) (today known as Taiwan).  The RoCAF flew them for a very short period in support of a covert CIA program. All CIA P-3 missions were called off as of January 25, 1967.

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CDR Chuck Hall Assumes Command of NIOC Colorado / CTG 101

Today, Commander Michael J. Herlands was relieved by Commander Chuck Hall as Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command Colorado.  Commander Hall’s biography follows:

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Remembering the Attack on USS STARK (FFG 31)

On May 17, 1987, the USS Stark (FFG 31) was struck by two Exocet anti-ship missiles fired from an Iraqi Mirage aircraft during the Iran-Iraq War, killing 37 Sailors and wounding 21

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