Company K (Corry Station)
Marine Support Battalion

A new era is beginning for Company K and the Marine Corps. On December 29th, Pvt Heather Hagen, our first Woman Marine arrived at Corry Station. A native of New England, Pvt Hagen was born in Boston, Massachusetts and later moved to Tray, New York, where she attended high school. Before joining the Marine Corps Pvt Hagen spent a great deal of time traveling. She has visited many foreign countries, including Norway, England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Germany, and hopes to continue her travels while in the Marine Corps. Besides traveling, her favorite hobbies are reading and hiking.

Pvt Hagen is currently enrolled in the R branch course of instruction and doing quite well. She says she enjoys the challenge of the school and the Marine Corps and is getting adjusted to the sometimes hectic combination of school and the Marine

Corps. She also enjoys all the attention received since joining Company K. Being the first, and at this time the only Woman Marine aboard NTTC, the attractive Pvt has received plenty of attention. Enroute to Company K from her home in New York, she reported to Headquarters Marine Corps where she met COL J.K. Hyatt, Head of Special Intelligence Branch, and COL M.A. Brewer, Director of Women Marines.

All of us at Company K wish her well in school and during her career in the Corps. When asked why she joined the Marines, she remarked, “She wanted to be one of the best and bear the title of United States Marine.” With an attitude like that she can’t help but be a success. Just as the New Year is starting off big; so is Company K. On January 18, the Fifth Platoon was being formed, with MSgt Cobbs as Platoon Commander, and Cpl R.E. Loman as Platoon Sergeant. The company is really growing, and now totals well over two hundred Marines.

There’s not much to report in the way of sports. It has been pretty slow due to the Christmas leave period. Right now IstSgt Don Greenlee is molding the Company K volleyball team into top shape with practice sessions every other day. It looks like another winning team for Company K. We’ve also had several promotions this month.

The following personnel were promoted to PFC: O.L. Hardy, R.L. Heintz, D. Hilderbrand, J.D. Hudson, S.M. Muniec, K.L. Howton, M.D. Turner, D.J. Culliton, T.L. Harris, D.E. Karp, J.L. Phillips, and R.A. Young. The following Marines were promoted

to Lance Corporal: K.M. Ayers, S.D. Betz, D.D. Fleming, D.C. Foreman, G. Goetz, W.P. Fischer, M.R. Hutcheson, J.K. Kirkpatrick, E.P. Lucas, Jr., and H.E. Strait. Congratulations Marines, wear your new stripes proudly.

That’s about it Marines, keep up the good work and if you have any news items you would like to see in this column contact GySgt Bauer by leaving word at the Barracks Office.

Featured image: Major Benny Sepulvedo, Co. K. Commanding Officer, welcomes, Pvt Heather Hagen, the first Women Marine to arrive at Corry Station.

Source: Corry Log, January 28, 1977