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December 2021

Remembering LTJG Robert J Sykora, KIA, EC-121

December 31, 1942 – April 15, 1969

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Where did the FLISH come from?

The FLISH is an unofficial pin that cryptologic direct support (DIRSUP) officers and enlisted deployers historically wore on their belt buckles or command ball caps signifying they deploy on submarines, aircraft or surface ships. 

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NSGD Shemya Alaska Established (Guest Post)

Special thanks to CWO3 Marv Hagedorn (Ret.) and CTMC Larry Wetham (Ret.) for updating this post.

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Remembering LCDR Berton E. Bresch, USN

LCDR Berton E. Bresch, USN
July 6, 1924 – July 31, 2002

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Federal Judge Issues Decision on FIOA Request Regarding USS LIBERTY

Judge Pechman issued her decision on December 28 —a day earlier than expected.  

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Honoring Captain Joseph Melvin Gibbons, USN

Born and raised in Wilkinsburg, PA to Mary C. Kirk and Michael J. Gibbons, CAPT Gibbons is the second eldest son of three boys and two girls.  Following high school, Gibbons attended University of Tulsa on a track scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1963.  

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