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July 2021

Remembering SSGT Donald Hill, USAF and A2C Earl Radlein, USAF

The Story of Cryptologic Heroes Staff Sergeant Donald G. Hill, USAF Airman 2nd Class Earl W. Radlein, USAF

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Remembering the Kamiseya Fire (Guest Post)

Command logo first used on November 25, 1966 in the issue of the station newspaper, the Kamiseyan

Reposting due to recent comments:

Section one was on for the Midwatch and at the top of the log it read, “Friday, 24 September 1965.” Over 100 men were in the Ops Complex for that Midwatch. It was just another ordinary day.

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First Use of Transatlantic Telegraphic Cable

OTD: the first use of transatlantic telegraphic cable generated an upsurge in commercial cryptography. Initially messages on the 1858 cable were sent by an operator in Morse code. However, the 1866 cable could transmit at eight words a minute–80 times faster than the 1858 cable.

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CAPT Brian Harding Assumes Command of NIWTG

On July 23, 2021, Captain Christopher R. Kopach was relieved by Captain Brian A. Harding as Commander Naval Information Warfare Training Group.  Captain Harding’s biography follows:

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Remembering Mrs. Agnes Driscoll, the First Lady of Naval Cryptology

Mrs. Agnes Driscoll
July 24, 1889 – September 16, 1971

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July 21, 1944 – Guam Liberated and Activation of Station Able

July 21st is celebrated as Guam Liberation Day, the day when Americans came ashore in 1944. Alaska’s Aleutian Islands were liberated in 1943, and the Philippines would be liberated by the early part of 1945. The Japanese formally surrendered Sept. 2, 1945.

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