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June 2017

Got Leadership?

Do you write to your teammates?  Here’s a great example of CNSG FORCM CTOCM(NAC) Robert R. Adams letter of congratulations to Petty Officer Florindo Gallicchio for his selection as Sailor of the Quarter. Continue reading “Got Leadership?”

Remembering CTC Raymond Eugene Linn, KIA USS LIBERTY, June 8, 1967

The date was June 30, 1946. A full year had nearly passed since World War II ended and global peace prevailed once again.
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DIUx, Pimp my Frigate

Image courtesy of One Piece of Awesome TUMBLR account.

Over at USNI Proceedings Magazine, CAPT Tony Butera and CAPT Dale Rielage have dropped an idea of what the Navy could do with one or more of the Oliver Hazard Perry FFGs CNO has mentioned he is thinking about bringing out of mothballs in order to more rapidly meet ship numbers.

To get right to the point:

DIUx—leveraging its commercial solutions openings process—would hold a disruptive design contest, offering unconventional partners the chance to conduct modernization experiments on board the frigates. In much the same way that Space-X’s faster development and launch processes forced reforms of entrenched procedures at NASA in 2010, the design contest could transform fleet modernization practices.

Article may be found HERE.


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NSGA Winter Harbor ME Disestablished 15 Years Ago

U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Winter Harbor was established on June 9, 1958 and disestablished and closed on June 30, 2002.
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NSGA Istanbul, Turkey (TUSLOG Det 12) Closed June 30, 1965

United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG) Det-12 Istanbul was a U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), first established in October, 1952 and was in continuous operation until June 30, 1965 until it permanently closed.
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The Evolution of the Information Warfare Community

Seven years ago today the Navy identified officer designators within the IDC.
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June 18, 1993, NSGA Skaggs Island Closed

In 1953, U.S. Naval Security Group Department, NCS San Francisco, Skaggs Island, CA was established as a Dept of NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco.
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Remembering the USS LIBERTY (5 of 5)

Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-Semites and More

Many surviving crewmembers feel they’ve been dishonored by the cover-up. “We’ve been made to appear as bigots and the lies frustrate our efforts to distance ourselves from neo-Nazi organizations [and other anti-Jewish groups],” says Gallo.
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Remembering the USS LIBERTY (4 of 5)

After the Attack

Miraculously, the Liberty refused to sink and was able to get underway on her own power. The crew worked tirelessly through the night to care for the wounded and secure the ship for its voyage to Malta. Despite the USS Saratoga and USS America being only 15 air minutes from Liberty, help did not arrive until 18 hours after the attack.
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