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January 2016

Remembering SGT Larry Wade Duke, USMC (Special Radio Operator) – KIA Vietnam

SGT Larry Wade Duke
January 31, 1948 – March 10, 1970

Born in Summerville, Georgia, SGT Larry Duke was born on January 31, 1948.  He was assigned to the 6thplatoon, 1st Radio Battalion, III Marine Amphibious Force.  His MOS/Specialty was 2571: Special Radio Operator. Continue reading “Remembering SGT Larry Wade Duke, USMC (Special Radio Operator) – KIA Vietnam”

Remembering CTC Robert S Gates – KIA Vietnam

CTC Robert S. Gates
January 28, 1933 – December 29, 1969

Continue reading “Remembering CTC Robert S Gates – KIA Vietnam”

More Than a Name — Evolution versus Change

Every once in a while a post writes itself.  In this case, some comments on our post regarding the Information Warfare Officer name change have done just that.

 From CAPT Sean Heritage:

“I think it’s time we get beyond the CHANGE others mandate and truly own our EVOLUTION. We’ve made this about a name CHANGE when we should make it about a cultural EVOLUTION. We need to break paradigms and embrace OUR future. Personally, I’d love to see us… Continue reading “More Than a Name — Evolution versus Change”

Remembering the Crew of Ranger 12

On January 25, 1987, Ranger 12, an EA-3B “Whale” (BuNo 144850) belonging to VQ-2, was lost while attempting to land on the USS Nimitz.  Ranger 12 was returning from an operational mission in the Eastern Mediterranean and crashed off the Nimitz’s flight deck.  All seven aircrew were killed.

Continue reading “Remembering the Crew of Ranger 12”

The Future of… Mega Weapons

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The Navy loves its Mega Weapons. Be it the Aircraft Carrier, the F-35, DDG-1000, or even the Littoral Combat Ship, the future of the Navy has increasingly been tied into large production, complex engineering projects. These projects span decades from initial concept, to engineering prototype, to intial production run, to full operational capability. They nearly always, with the notable exception of the Virginia submarine program, come in late, over budget, and with so many ad hoc additions to it that it may not even look like the original concept. Continue reading “The Future of… Mega Weapons”

Talent Management in the Cryptologic Community

Last month I had the honor of participating in a talent management project.  The goal of the project is to create a more collaborative detailing process, where Sailors are provided more information and input about the jobs they desire while commands can leverage the same platform to build out their teams.  While still very much a work in progress, the future outcome is extremely promising, with the end state being a “LinkedIn” style detailing system. Continue reading “Talent Management in the Cryptologic Community”

Did you know?

Did you know that Captain Jack S. Holtwick, Jr., USN is credited with establishing the Communications Technician (CT) rating for the U.S. Navy in 1948?

Because the work was accomplished by both yeoman and radioman specialties, he took the spark from the radioman rating badge and the quill from the yeoman rating badge and combined them to create the CT rating badge. On March 25, 1976, the title Communications Technician changed to Cryptologic Technician.

Best Practices – NCDOC Book Excerpt of the Week

The strongest form of a team is a tribe and tribes by definition share both a culture and a language. Because our tours of duty are so short, if a leader believes culture shaping to be a priority, it is important that he create ways to accelerate the team’s evolution.  A tribe will grow together on its own through shared experiences over time, but a tribe need not personally experience things to learn together.  That is where books come in.   Continue reading “Best Practices – NCDOC Book Excerpt of the Week”

Cyberthon in Pensacola

Is cyber security your thing? Is mentoring youth of today something you like to do? If so, then think about contributing to Cyberthon!

So what is Cyberthon anyway?

The description from the event’s Web site proclaims: Continue reading “Cyberthon in Pensacola”

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