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April 2016

COMINT Memories of A U.S. Supreme Court Justice

By Honorable John Paul Stevens, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

On December 6, 1941, having completed the Navy’s restricted correspondence course in cryptography, I went to the Great Lakes, Naval Station, applied for a commission and passed the physical.  I’m sure you know how the enemy responded the following day.  Continue reading “COMINT Memories of A U.S. Supreme Court Justice”

Guest Post: Utilizing Content Based Learning to Increase Language Proficiency


In the United States, only 17% of citizens fluently speak a second language.  Due to the inherent lack of second-language instruction traditions in the United States, initial language acquisition techniques are plentiful but maintenance and language enhancement opportunities are lacking for adult learners.  Continue reading “Guest Post: Utilizing Content Based Learning to Increase Language Proficiency”

Remembering Samuel B Morse

Samuel Finley Breese Morse, born April 27, 1791, Charlestown, Massachusetts, U.S. and died April 2, 1872, New York, New York.
Continue reading “Remembering Samuel B Morse”

Navy’s 2015 Language Professional and Program of the Year Award Winners

On Thursday, the Navy announced its top language professionals and program for 2015.  Congratulations and “Well Done” to CTIC Tyler Kirby, CTI1 Patrick Finneran, Kristen Hamm, and NIOC Bahrain.  The full announcement can be read below.

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Navy announced the 2015 fiscal year language professional award winners, April 21. Continue reading “Navy’s 2015 Language Professional and Program of the Year Award Winners”

Beating a Dead Horse

I often joke with my kids that I took the long, hard road to my current rank.  Truth be told, I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of serving as both a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) and Limited Duty Officer (LDO), prior to my lateral transfer to 1810.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change the road I took for the world!  Looking forward, however, it is increasingly difficult to understand the Cryptologic Community’s vision for our Limited Duty Officer cadre. Continue reading “Beating a Dead Horse”

An Effective Antenna

The Conical Monopole Antenna. Since studying for advancement to CTI3, it has been my favorite antenna simply because I love to say it — Conical Monopole.

Continuing on yesterday’s theme, a quality receiver is worthless without an effective antenna. Continue reading “An Effective Antenna”

A Quality Receiver

The R-390.  A solid piece of kit for a Cryptologic Technician.  Originally designed by the Collins Radio Company for military and government applications, the receiver was later redesigned as the R-390A/URR in order to reduce the number of tubes and improve selectivity.  Over 55,000 R-390A receivers were manufactured from 1954 to 1984, many of which were installed in Naval surface combatants.

Continue reading “A Quality Receiver”

Shootdown of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto by U.S. forces, April 18, 1943

To boost morale following the defeat at Guadalcanal (November 12-15, 1942), Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet decided to make an inspection tour throughout the South Pacific during the month of April, 1943.

Remembering CPL Stephen Lee Traughber – KIA Vietnam

CPL Stephen Lee Traughber
April 17, 1946 – September 10, 1967


CPL Traughber was born on April 17 1946 in New Albany, Indiana.  He was assigned to CO E Support Battalion at Kamiseya Japan, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific.  His MOS/Specialty was 2575: Special Communications Operator. Continue reading “Remembering CPL Stephen Lee Traughber – KIA Vietnam”

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