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Remembering CTRCS David “Blake”McLendon, KIA Afghanistan

CTRCS David “Blake” McLendon
29 Nov 1979 – 21 Sep 2010

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U.S. Coast Guard Cryptologic History (Guest Post)

Coast Guard Intelligence draws its heritage roots to Caleb Brewster’s involvement in Maritime Intelligence Collection during the American War for Independence and his assignment as one of the first ten Revenue Cutter Captains.

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Honoring LT Sean Killian, USCG

Lieutenant Sean M. Killian
United States Coast Guard
SIGINT Project Officer
COMDT (CG-257)

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Give Thanks!

Civil War

On the first official Thanksgiving holiday in 1863 Union troops took a break from the fighting to enjoy an actual sit-down dinner.
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OTR Gang Member, RM1c Raymond A. Rundle Oral History

OTR Gang Class #25 (November 1940 – February 1941), RM1c Raymond Rundle served aboard USS Enterprise (CV 6), CTF 16.1 ISO USS Hornet Doolittle Raid April 18, 1942; USS Yorktown (CV 5) during the Battle of Midway, 4–7 June 1942; and supported the Aleutian Campaign, March – September, 1943.  Featured image: Adak, Alaska, circa 1943.

RM1c Rundle was born on August 23, 1918 and died September 7, 1984

Oral history follows:

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Congratulations to the Chief Petty Officers Pinned Today!

Chief Petty Officer
Leadership – Heritage – Tradition

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