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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology

The Evolution of the Information Warfare Community

Seven years ago today the Navy identified officer designators within the IDC.
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June 18, 1993, NSGA Skaggs Island Closed

In 1953, U.S. Naval Security Group Department, NCS San Francisco, Skaggs Island, CA was established as a Dept of NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco.
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Remembering the USS LIBERTY (5 of 5)

Conspiracy Theorists, Anti-Semites and More

Many surviving crewmembers feel they’ve been dishonored by the cover-up. “We’ve been made to appear as bigots and the lies frustrate our efforts to distance ourselves from neo-Nazi organizations [and other anti-Jewish groups],” says Gallo.
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Remembering the USS LIBERTY (4 of 5)

After the Attack

Miraculously, the Liberty refused to sink and was able to get underway on her own power. The crew worked tirelessly through the night to care for the wounded and secure the ship for its voyage to Malta. Despite the USS Saratoga and USS America being only 15 air minutes from Liberty, help did not arrive until 18 hours after the attack.
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Remembering the USS LIBERTY (3 of 5)

The Helicopter Assault

When the torpedo boats finally left the scene, helicopters were observed overhead with Israeli commandos at the ready. Despite his impaired hearing, Phil Tourney could hear the unmistakable “whomp whomp” sound of troop-carrying helicopters approaching from the starboard side. When he saw them, he felt they were looming like birds of prey.
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CAPT Joe J. Johnson Assumes Command of Cryptologic Warfare Group-SIX

Today, Captain Jeff Scheidt was relieved by Captain Joe Johnson as Commodore of Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX (CWG-6). NIOC Maryland was redesignated as CWG-6. Simultaneously, three directorate within NIOC MD stood up as separate commands subordinate to CWG-6.  Captain Johnson’s biography follows:
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