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June 2020

Honoring CDR William M Wilson, USN, Commanding Officer CWA SIXTY SEVEN

Tomorrow Commander William M Wilson, Jr will be relieved by Commander Phil Hickman as the Commanding Officer, Cryptologic Warfare Activity SIXTY SEVEN.   Commander Wilson’s biography follows:

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NSGA Keflavik Iceland Closed, June 30, 1994

NSGA Keflavik was decommissioned and closed on June 30, 1994, 26 years ago today.

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U.S. Coast Guard Cryptologic Group Established, June 28, 2007

On June 28, 2007, the commissioning of the Coast Guard Cryptologic Group took place at NSA Fort Meade, MD.
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Handwriting – Paramount to Success

In earlier days of cryptology, handwriting was without question paramount to success – a person had to be able to read what was written, which meant the person on the other end also had to write legibly.

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Flag Officer Assignment: RDML Michael Vernazza

Rear Adm. (lower half) Michael J. Vernazza will be assigned as commander, Naval Information Warfighting Development Center, Norfolk, Virginia.  Vernazza is currently serving as Deputy Commander, Tenth Fleet, Fort Meade, Maryland.

RDML Michael Vernazza’s biography follows:

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June 18, 1993, NSGA Skaggs Island Closed

In 1953, U.S. Naval Security Group Department, NCS San Francisco, Skaggs Island, CA was established as a Dept of NAVCOMMSTA San Francisco. NAVRADSTA San Francisco was disestablished, and was absorbed by the NSG Dept at Skaggs Island.

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