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December 2015

The Future Of… Casting off old stuff in the New Year

A representative garage full of things.

I have been thinking lately about why we hold onto old things.

My wife showed me pictures the other day of my boys when they were very little. I had forgotten how small they were, and was reminded of the places we had been. I may complain when she stops 500 times in a hike to take pictures, but she does it for a reason, to preserve the past. I am glad she holds onto those old things.

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NSGA Bremerhaven disestablished and closed 31 Dec 1972

Bremerhaven is located in the state of Bremen, northwest Germany at the mouth of the Weser River near the North Sea.  It is one of the largest fishing ports in Europe and is a major freight port.  Founded in 1827, Bremerhaven was incorporated in 1939 by the town of Wesermünde.  In 1947 the combined municipality was renamed Bremerhaven and returned to the state of Bremen.  During WWII, Bremerhaven suffered heavy damage, especially on September 18, 1944 when the central town area was completely demolished.

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Remembering CTOCM(NAC) Robert R. "Red" Adams, the Fifth CNSG Force Master Chief

25 Dec 1937 – 15 Jan 2015

Robert R. Adams was born 25 December 1937, in Wilson, Oklahoma. He joined the service on 26 March 1957, and retired on 1 October 1989, with 32 years, four months and eight days of service. Continue reading “Remembering CTOCM(NAC) Robert R. "Red" Adams, the Fifth CNSG Force Master Chief”

Merry Christmas!

To those of you on watch, we thank you for your service.

For those of you fortunate enough to be home, enjoy the time with your family.

From the team at Station HYPO,

Merry Christmas!

Cryptogram Challenge Post System Revealed


In our December 4 cryptogram challenge post, StationHYPO stated we would announce the cryptogram encryption system on December 24.  Below are the details:

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47 Years ago today, 82 crew members of the USS PUEBLO (AGER-2) were released after 338 days in captivity in North Korea.

On January 28, 1968, fourteen miles from North Korean land, the USS PUEBLO was attacked and captured by overwhelming forces from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The crew was detained and interrogated until their release on December 23, 1968, 338 days after their capture. Continue reading “47 Years ago today, 82 crew members of the USS PUEBLO (AGER-2) were released after 338 days in captivity in North Korea.”

Shipboard Missions: May 1933 – June 1934

StationHYPO was contacted by a Corry Station Command Display/member of the NCVA concerning the “First National Collection Mission” post that was posted on December 16.  It was reported that the content in the reference used was incorrect.  In order to post quality content, StationHYPO has replaced the December 16 post with the following post.
Thank you CTRCM John “Gus” Gustafson, USN (RET) for your continued support!

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Application Period Opens for CNO Rapid Innovation Cell

Do you have an innovative idea for the IDC or the Navy in general?

The CNO Rapid Innovation Cell is taking applications. Continue reading “Application Period Opens for CNO Rapid Innovation Cell”

CID Unit Monterey Change of Command

Congratulations on a successful command tour CDR Slattery!

Best wishes, CDR Newsome, as you assume command!  Continue reading “CID Unit Monterey Change of Command”

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