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November 2019

Remembering CTRCS David “Blake” McLendon, USN, KIA Afghanistan

CTRCS David “Blake” McLendon
November 29, 1979 – September 21, 2010

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Remembering SGT Robert Hrisoulis, USMC, KIA Vietnam

SGT Robert Hrisoulis
November 27, 1950 – January 21, 1971

Born in Detroit, Michigan on November 27, 1950, SGT Robert Hrisoulis was assigned to the OPS CO, 1st Radio Battalion, III Marine Amphibious Force.  His MOS/Specialty was 2571: Manual Morse Operator (aka CTR). Continue reading “Remembering SGT Robert Hrisoulis, USMC, KIA Vietnam”

Early Radio Intelligence Service

President Trump recently declared November as National Veterans and Military Families month. During the month of November, the National Security Agency will feature a short history that highlights the contributions of some lesser-known cryptologic heroes. We hope you enjoy learning more about these veterans who often risked their lives in service to our Nation. This week, we are featuring the story of an intercept operator from World War I.

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NAVCOMMUNIT 35 Yokosuka Japan Established

Naval Security Group operations in Japan date back to the establishment of a Communications Supplementary Activity Detachment (COMSUPACT Det) in Ohminato, Japan, in northern Japan, on December 15, 1945.

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Remembering CTTC(EXW/IDW/SW) Christian M. Pike, KIA Afghanistan ISO Operation ENDURING FREEDOM

Christian M Pike, CTTC (EXW/IDW/SW) USN
November 19, 1981 – March, 13 2013

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COMINT Established on Guadalcanal, November 1942

U.S. Navy
Strategic Radio Direction Finder Station
November 1942 – December 4, 1944

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