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December 2022

Honoring Mr. Richard “Dick” Sutton

If you received training at Corry Station in Pensacola FL. between 1980 and 2012, it is likely the fleet systems you were trained to operate or maintain, such as  MOD 40, TACINTEL, BGPHIS, OUTBOARD, CDF, COBLU, SSEE-Inc E and the Morse code training known as “RALPH” just to name a few, was actually maintained by Mr. Richard “Dick” Sutton. 

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Radio Intelligence ISO Operation “Musketeer Mike One”

This after action report (AAR) shows great examples how radio intelligence provided indications and warning to task force commanders during WWII. Throughout the report designators 8600J, 5135J and 5715J are mentioned. These designators were used to identify discrete communications entities, such as links, nodes and networks to aid intercept operators to manage the tasking, collection and exploitation of Japanese radio communication circuits.  The end of this report list the Japanese language officers, their assignment to each of Task Force/Group and where they received the language training.  Although there were enlisted Japanese Kana Kata intercept operators on each ship, none are listed.

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Remembering MGySgt Edward R. Storm and CTC Robert  S. Gates KIA, December 28, 1969

While assigned to Detachment A NAVFAC Danang with Company L Marine Support Battalion, both men died  when the CH46 they were flying in crashed in Quang Nam Province Vietnam. CTC Gates is the only Navy Cryptologist whose name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall; MGySgt Storm was one of 10 men assigned to the 1st Radio Battalion KIA in Vietnam.

Stuxnet, by Al Lewis


The revelations of the technical capabilities of Stuxnet were stunning and received much attention. But they pale in comparison to the significance it had on changing the landscape of modern nation-state engagement within the confines of cyberspace.

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CAPT Biard – Midway – Part 4 of 4

Speech on Hypo by CAPT Biard, July, 12 2002

It was on 5 May that Yamamoto, having run out of other lands to conquer, finally received the official go-ahead for the occupation of Midway. It had been a hard-sell for Yamamoto. He had to agree to occupy the Aleutians, too, and then, a few weeks later, to go after Samoa and Fiji.

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The Soviet Union’s Invasion of Afghanistan, December 25, 1979

When the USSR sent troops to prop up a shaky communist revolutionary government in neighboring Afghanistan in December 1979, it could not foresee that it was entering into a decade-long struggle that would cost (an admitted) 15,000 dead and much treasure. The airlift of Soviet soldiers began in the early hours of 25 December 1979; the last of an estimated 115,000 troops withdrew from Afghanistan on 15 February 1989.

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