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July 2016

First Use of Transatlantic Telegraphic Cable

27 July 1866: The first use of transatlantic telegraphic cable generated an upsurge in commercial cryptography. Initially messages on the 1858 cable were sent by an operator in Morse code. However, the 1866 cable could transmit at eight words a minute–80 times faster than the 1858 cable.  Continue reading “First Use of Transatlantic Telegraphic Cable”

Cryptologic Warfare Defined

From Navy Cryptologists: Leaders Across the Spectrum…

Cryptologic Warfare encompasses Signals Intelligence, Cyberspace Operations, and Electronic Warfare Operations in order to deliver effects through sea, air, land, space, and cyber domains at all levels of war.

Read the entire document here.

Top 2016 Cybersecurity Reports

ICYMI, Forbes recently release the top 2016 Cybersecurity reports.

The entire article is available here.  It includes links to individual reports by AT&T, CISCO, Dell, Google, and others.

I found the key takeaways, quoted below, to be incredibly interesting.
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Remembering Agnes Meyer Driscoll


Agnes Meyer Driscoll
July 24, 1889 – September 16, 1971
An American Cryptanalyst During 

Agnes Meyer Driscoll’s work as a navy cryptanalyst who broke a multitude of Japanese naval systems, as well as a developer of early machine systems, marks her as one of the true “originals” in American cryptology. Continue reading “Remembering Agnes Meyer Driscoll”

About that horse…

I recently wrote an article on this website about the need to determine a way ahead with regards to our Limited Duty Officer program.  It looks like a decision has been made…


NSG WAVES During WWII 3 of 3

Naval Security Group WAVES and the BOMBES
In 1943, a large contingent of WAVES were sent to Dayton, Ohio where they attended Sugar Camp.  Some went directly there from Boot Camp, others were sent there from Naval Communications Annex (OP-20-G), on Nebraska Avenue in Washington D.C.

Continue reading “NSG WAVES During WWII 3 of 3”

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