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January 2017

Cross-detailing in the IW Community

Station HYPO is proud to host the following article written by CAPT David Houff, an active duty Intelligence Officer and Commanding Officer of NIOC Texas.
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IW Community Week


This week marks one year since the Information Dominance Corps was redesignated the Information Warfare Community. Continue reading “IW Community Week”

How Discovering Japanese Code Books by New Zealand supported the War effort.

How did a battle at sea between two New Zealand corvettes and a Japanese submarine directly contribute to the shoot down of Admiral Yamamoto 79 days later?
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Remembering the Crew of Ranger 12

Thirty years ago today, on January 25, 1987  Ranger 12, an EA-3B “Whale” (BuNo 144850) belonging to VQ-2 was lost at sea while attempting to land on the USS NIMITZ (CVN 68).   Continue reading “Remembering the Crew of Ranger 12”

Valuing Command



Selection board season is upon us again, as are the orders convening those boards…

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Remembering CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, KIA on USS Liberty June 8, 1967

William Bernard Allenbaugh was born to William Francis and Elizabeth M. Allenbaugh on January 23, 1944 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Continue reading “Remembering CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, KIA on USS Liberty June 8, 1967”

Remembering the USS Pueblo (AGER 2)

Was there a connection between the capture of USS Pueblo and the convicted traitor John Walker?
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ADMIRAL IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rear Admiral Sean Filipowski

Rear Admiral Sean Filipowski is a native of New Jersey.  The Navy legacy of the “Filipowski’s” goes back generations, with a history of enlisted Navy service.
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Recognizing Past OTRG Award Recipients

Celebrating On the Roof Gang Award recipients:
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