CTI2 Conrad Hoffman was in the first communications technician (CT) class to graduate Naval Communications Training Center, Corry Field, Pensacola.

Conrad Robert “Bob” Hoffman was born in 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Following graduation from High School, Hoffman enlisted in the United States Navy on July 11, 1960 at the Federal Building in Cincinnati, Ohio. He served 4 years active and 2 years in the reserves and was discharged as a CTI2 on July 10, 1966.

He graduated from boot camp in Company 296 at the Recruit Graining Center at Great Lakes, Illinois in October 1960. Following boot camp he was sent to Imperial Beach to attend CT radio training.  However, he received an order-modification and was sent to Pensacola for training.  The Commanding Officer at the time was Captain Fabian and knew Hoffman by name.  Hoffman was member of the original working crew to bring Corry Field back to life as a premier U.S. Naval Communications Training Center (NCTC).  In doing so, Corry Field had to transition from aviation training to communications training.  Hoffman and other Sailors removed massive amounts of garbage, filling in sink holes in the runway with sand.  Hoffman even climbed up the windsock on the runway to scavenged light bulbs for the maintenance shop.  Before the barracks were habitable on Corry Filed all the Sailors berthed on NAS Pensacola, which required daily bus rides between the two bases.

He graduated in October 1961 from the NCTC Corry Filed Pensacola, Florida, Class “A” Radio Manual Morse Code School as a Radio Intercept Operator. While attending training Hoffman also served as Honor-man two times and was a member of the NCTC Drill Team.  He received a certificate of Appreciation signed by John S. Lehman, the Commanding Officer.

Following his training in Pensacola, he was ordered to the U.S. Naval Security Group at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland where he attended and graduated in October 1962 from the National Security Agency Class “A” Foreign Language School and Training as a Cryptanalytic Technician.  

Following his training at Fort Meade, he received his U.S. Government Diplomatic Passport and was ordered to the United States of America Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus where he served from October 1962 to March 1964.  While serving in Cyprus, he received a letter of Commendation from Commander H. Keith Adkisson, USN, for risking his life in fire fight during 24 hour curfew to provide food to starving people on Cyprus during the Greek and Turkish Civil war.  Hoffman took U.S. Embassy trucks and U.S. Care supplies from storage buildings across Nicosia, Cyprus to a church less than a block from fighting at the Vice-Presidential Palace for the 1st Regiment Gloucester Paratroopers from London, England for distribution.

He also served as a member of the U.S. Naval Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron II flying in an EM-121M out of TUSLOG DET 58 Incirlik, Turkey July 30-August 14 1963.

Hoffman is authorized to wear the U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal. Hoffman was married to the former Cornelia C. Wissel.  They were married 57 years.

Thank you for your service Shipmate!