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April 2016

A Quality Receiver

The R-390.  A solid piece of kit for a Cryptologic Technician.  Originally designed by the Collins Radio Company for military and government applications, the receiver was later redesigned as the R-390A/URR in order to reduce the number of tubes and improve selectivity.  Over 55,000 R-390A receivers were manufactured from 1954 to 1984, many of which were installed in Naval surface combatants.

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Shootdown of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto by U.S. forces, April 18, 1943

To boost morale following the defeat at Guadalcanal (November 12-15, 1942), Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet decided to make an inspection tour throughout the South Pacific during the month of April, 1943.

Remembering CPL Stephen Lee Traughber – KIA Vietnam

CPL Stephen Lee Traughber
April 17, 1946 – September 10, 1967


CPL Traughber was born on April 17 1946 in New Albany, Indiana.  He was assigned to CO E Support Battalion at Kamiseya Japan, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific.  His MOS/Specialty was 2575: Special Communications Operator. Continue reading “Remembering CPL Stephen Lee Traughber – KIA Vietnam”

Remembering the Crew of EC-121 Beggar Shadow, April 15, 1969

On Monday, April 15, 1969 at 5:00 PM EST (1544Z), a Navy EC-121M reconnaissance aircraft (PR-21/BuNo 135749) of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron One (VQ-1) with a crew of 31, including nine Naval Security Group (NAVSECGRU) and Marine linguists, took off from Atsugi Naval Air Station, Japan on a routine Beggar Shadow SIGINT collection mission over the Sea of Japan.  Continue reading “Remembering the Crew of EC-121 Beggar Shadow, April 15, 1969”

TBT – Got I&W?

Russian Fighters Buzz US Navy Destroyer

From NNS: “A United States Navy destroyer operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea experienced several close interactions by Russian aircraft on April 11 and 12.

USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) encountered multiple, aggressive flight maneuvers by Russian aircraft that were performed within close proximity of the ship.”

Video from the encounter can be found at the following link:



Designing the Future

Do you have an innovative idea that can impact Navy Cryptology, or the Navy as a whole?

Athena is seeking energetic, inspired, and forward-leaning intrapreneurs on a quest for organizational change to pitch at our  inaugural Athena DC event, in partnership with the Navy League, at the 2016 Sea Air Space Exposition.  

Join us at 7pm on Monday, May 16th at the Gaylord Center.  The event is free and open to all at the Sea Air Space Exposition and the DC area! Check the Sea Air Space event list / website for the specific room.  Don’t miss it!   

For more information, follow this link:

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