On November 1, 2020, Navy Information Operations Command proudly celebrates its 25th Anniversary. The command began as the humble Navy Field Office Denver.  Under the command of an Officer in Charge, Sailors working in temporary trailers established the command’s roots.

Based on the efforts of these first Sailors, Navy Field Office Denver gained notoriety for its effectiveness, professionalism, and outstanding product. 

In early 1993, the office was upgraded to a detachment of Naval Security Group Activity Fort Meade, Maryland. On November 1st, 1995, this detachment became a full-fledged Naval Security Group Activity under the command of a Commanding Officer.  The command was considered a subordinate unit to the Commander, Naval Security Group.

The command’s original mission statement follows:  “The mission of NSGA Denver is to provide a trained, qualified, and mission-ready force to support the war-fighter, site activities, and military commanders.” 

On October 1st, 2005, Naval Security Group Activity Denver became Naval Information Operations Command Colorado.  The command’s subordination shifted from the disestablished Naval Security Group to Naval Network Warfare Command.

Finally, on January 29, 2010, the command was resubordinated the newly established Fleet Cyber Command / United States TENTH Fleet. 

Today, the command is almost 400 strong, to include some 30 Officers, 50 Chief Petty Officers, and more 320 enlisted.  Their mission is to provide ready, trained, and motivated Cryptologic Warfare Officers, Cryptologic Enlisted Personnel, and expertise to support Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Space operations in support of Fleet and combat forces worldwide.

They are the “Eyes of the Fleet.”