LTjg Delbert Lawrence Gideon, USNR
September 26, 1905 – July 31, 1944

09.26.1905 LTjg Delbert L GideonBLTjg Delbert Lawrence Gideon was born September 26, 1905 in St Marys, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas to Nathan Edward Gideon of Loudoun Co, Virginia and Amanda Alica Page of Tippecanoe Co, Indiana.

He was an officer performing cryptologic/radio intelligence duties when he was killed on July 31, 1944 shortly after lifting off from Funafuti Lagoon Island in the South Pacific in a pre-dawn take-off.

The PB2Y-3R BuNo 7233 he was flying in struck the jackstaff of a Coast Guard ship, shearing off 15 feet of the port wingtip and plunging full power into 80 feet of water, sinking immediately.

Twenty-two persons died in the crash, including LT Walter S. Gifford, USNR, a fellow radio intelligence officer and RADM Charles Purcell Cecil (Commander of Destroyer Division Eleven.