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Remembering CT1 James Mahlon Lupton, KIA, USS Liberty

October 20, 1942 – June 8, 1967

“Little did she know she kissed a hero.”

By his wife: Barbara Lupton

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USS Parche (SSN 683) Decommission, October 19, 2004

One of the most unusual submarines ever produced for the U.S. Navy was USS Parche. Originally built as a nuclear powered attack submarine, Parche was heavily modified over the course of her career to conduct underwater espionage missions. The missions included top secret efforts to tap undersea communications cables, allowing U.S. intelligence to monitor traffic to and from Soviet naval bases.

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NIOC Yakima, Washington Established on October, 2005

The U.S. Naval Security Group Detachment Yakima, Washington was established in October, 1971 at the U.S. Army’s Yakima Training Center, Yakima Research Station.

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Remembering CTOCM John L. Young, Jr., USN

Much can be written about John, from his status as a very young (If not the youngest) Master Chief in the Navy, to his brilliant service with the 7th Fleet during the Vietnam War and subsequent to retirement, at the U.S. Commerce Department during the Reagan Administration as the leader of a renewed effort to strictly regulate export controls on high technology products.

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Remembering CT1 Warren Edward Hersey, KIA, USS Liberty

October 14, 1943 – June 8, 1967

Warren Edward Hersey was born on October 14, 1942 to Mr. and Mrs Warren O. Hersey in Stoneham Massachusetts. On April 4 1961, at the age of 18, he enlisted in the navy. 

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Cryptologic Support Excellence Announced

Asia S. White, Navy Information Operations Command (NAVIOCOM) Yokosuka.

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