84 Years ago today the term “group” was first used to identify the organization later to be known as the Navy Security Group.  The following is an email from VADM Jan Tighe (ret) as Fleet Cyber Command/Commander TENTH Fleet, dated 2015

From: Tighe, Jan E VADM FLTCYBERCOM/C10F, N00
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 2:26 PM
Subject: 80th Anniversary of Navy Cryptology


As many of you know, March 11, 1935 is observed as the birth of Navy cryptology/IW with the standup of the Communications Security Group, which was later renamed the Naval Security Group (NSG). Navy’s cryptologic roots of course go back to the On the Roof Gang in 1928 and earlier, but it is this day that directly links to NSG and that we have marked over the years.

Fleet Cyber Command is built on a rich heritage of those who came before us, including the Naval Security Group, Naval Network Warfare Command, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command and Navy Space Command. I believe the heritage and commitment to excellence born in these original organizations continues to shape who we are today. You make me proud to serve at the helm, and I believe we will continue to make our predecessors proud moving forward.

With respect to Navy cryptology/IW specifically, our Navy and our country have a storied history of code breaking in defense of the nation and today’s team of professionals proudly and skillfully carries on that legacy. Thank you for all you do as you continue to conduct tailored Signals Intelligence and deliver excellence across all of our strategic goals.

Vr/ jet

Jan E. Tighe


Command Time-line:

1922 – OP-20G was established until after WWII.

1924-1935- Naval cryptology service developed operational.

11 March 1935 – Naval Security Group established.

After 1945 – Naval Cryptologic organization renamed Communications supplementary Activities.

1948 – Communications Technician (CT) ratings established.

1949 – Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA) was created.

1950 – Title “Naval Security Group” was adopted as the official name.

1952 – NSA was created from the AFSA.

1956 – Naval Security Group Headquarters Activity was established.

18 March 1960 – NCTC Corry Station established.

1961 – Redesignated the Naval Security Group Headquarters under the Director, Naval Security Group who assumed the title at the same time.

1 July, 1968 – NSG Command was established with flag officer.

26 Mar 1976 Communications Technician rating change to Cryptologic Technician rating.
1995 – Relocation of CNSG HQ from Naval Security Station, Nebraska Ave in Washington D.C. to Fort Meade, MD.

19 October, 1998 – CNSG disestablished.

2002 – Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) established.

01 Oct 2003 – EW rating converted to CTT rating.

06 Feb 2004 – CTN – Networks rating established.

2005 – NSG aligned under NETWARCOM. Mission fundamentally changed as Navy’s lead for Information Operation (IO), Networks and Space.

01 May 2005 – Cryptologic Officer Designators 1610, 1615, 164X AND 744X changed to Information Warfare Officer Designators. 1610 changed to 1810 (Information Warfare).

01 Mar 2006 – CTO converted to IT rating for E1-E5 and 01 Oct 2006 for E6 and above.

01 Oct 2007 – CTA converted to YN rating.

20 Apr 2010 – Cyber Warrant Officer Designator 743X established.

21 May, 2010 – United States Cyber Command was established.

29 January, 2010 – U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet was established. Mission fundamentally changed to Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Cyber Operations.

10 May 2016 – Designation of the Cryptologic Warfare Community by VADM Jan Tighe. Officers with designators 181X, 681X, and 781X are redesignated to Cryptologic Warfare Officer.