Every once in a while a post writes itself.  In this case, some comments on our post regarding the Information Warfare Officer name change have done just that.

 From CAPT Sean Heritage:

“I think it’s time we get beyond the CHANGE others mandate and truly own our EVOLUTION. We’ve made this about a name CHANGE when we should make it about a cultural EVOLUTION. We need to break paradigms and embrace OUR future. Personally, I’d love to see us…

1) Combine 1810, 1820, and 1840 into Cyberspace Operations Officers and align the IT and CTN ratings into Defensive Cyberspace Operators, Information Assurance Technicians/Operators, and Computer Network Operators (read CTNs not doing DCO)

2) Migrate all SIGINT billets to 1830 (It’s Intel after all) and align CTRs (Communications Analysts/Operators), CTIs (Language Analysts), and CTTs (ELINT Analysts/Operators)

At first glance, this looks like the divergence of the IWC. But as you look deeper, it really is about convergence, specialized expertise, and purposely breaking the old so that we can truly reach our potential. We remain constrained by our history. Change is not the answer, evolution is! Good ideas must die, so that great ideas can live!!!

Don’t just change. Evolve!”

Read more here:  http://seanheritage.com/blog/dont-change-evolve/


Are we missing an opportunity to evolve vice simply change?

How should we leverage the CNO’s emphasis on Information Warfare to truly evolve?