Selection board season is upon us again, as are the orders convening those boards…

The FY-18 CAPT Selection Board Convening Order is available here.

Significant changes have been made in the section outlining Cryptologic Warfare (CW) Community Considerations, especially with regards to CDR Command.

Compare the two convening orders:

FY17  Convening Order: “The best qualified IW officers will additionally have been screened for and/or completed a Command tour as a commander.”

FY18 Convening Order: “The best qualified CW officers will additionally have been screened for and/or completed a Command tour as a commander.  Less than 10 percent of CW commanders successfully screen for command.  Also, CW commander COs typically serve in a highly competitive group and are ranked against all IWC commander COs worldwide.  As a result, typical progression in competitive promotion ranking may be limited due to timing and other non-performance related reasons.”

What may be more interesting than those changes are the stark differences in the sections related to our four “tribes,” especially with regards to command.  Some simply state that command opportunities are limited.  Others clarify that lack of assignment to command should not be a detractor.

Keep in mind, this is the CAPT selection board.  These IWC Captains will one day be considered for afloat Information Warfare Commander (IWC) assignments, a command at sea position.  They will also be considered for potential selection to a single IWC Flag Officer designator.  Taken at face value, it would appear that opportunities for command, and how we value those opportunities, are vastly different throughout the IWC.

Read the entire Information Warfare Community section to form your own opinion.


Do we value command equally amongst our four tribes?

Has the Information Warfare Community  evolved enough to support both of these initiatives?

Are we missing opportunities as an IWC to better organize for mission success?