On January 1, 2016, Station HYPO posted a list of resolutions for the year.

That list, with a few self-determined grades and notes, follows.

In 2016, Station HYPO resolves to:

  • Post quality content celebrating the past, present, and future of Naval Cryptology
  • Add enlisted representation to our team (help wanted!)

Grade: F

Notes:  We are still looking for members from our enlisted cadre to join the team.  Are you interested?  If so, please contact us.

  • Encourage productive, two-way dialogue on issues that matter to our community

Grade: B

Notes: The conversations are starting to happen, with some  posts driving more than 30 comments, many in response to each other.  How can we encourage even more dialogue?

  • Create a venue that encourages community leadership, both Officer and Enlisted, to participate in the conversation
  • Provide a platform for sharing ideas that will drive the future development of Naval Cryptology
  • Continue to grow our audience

Grade: B

Notes: Over 65,000 views on the site and a Facebook audience of 250 and growing.  Please share details of the site with others so we can continue to grow.

  • Inspire others, in and out of the community, to write


Where else can we improve?

What topics do you want to read about?

What is keeping you from joining the conversations?