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Lessons from the 600-Ship Navy

The 1980s proved that great-power competition requires clear naval strategy and advocacy.

By Lieutenant Joseph Sims, U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy of the 1980s provides a reminder what serious peer competition in the naval sphere looks like and the resources and human willpower that it requires. E. B. Potter describes the 1980s buildup to counter the Soviet Union as the “most expensive peacetime military buildup in the nation’s history, to cost $1.5 trillion in five years . . . the Navy would be built up from 456 to 600 ships, including 15 carrier-centered battle groups.”1

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Tactical Intelligence (TACINTEL)

Gone for nearly 20 years.

The AN/USQ-124 Tactical Intelligence (TACINTEL) System was a computerized message processing system that made it possible to transmit and receive special intelligence (SI) message traffic via satellite in a controlled environment while simultaneously screening two predetermined subchannels of the Fleet Broadcast transmissions.

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Remembering 1ST LT John W. Abbott, (USMC) KIA Vietnam

1ST LT John W. Abbott
July 23, 1945 – May 25, 1969

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Capt. Christopher Bryant Assumes Command of CIWT Pensacola

Today, Captain Marc Ratkus was relieved by Captain Christopher Bryant as Commanding Officer, Center for Information Warfare Training Pensacola.  Captain Bryant’s biography follows:

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German Intercept Successes – Early in WWII, Part 6 of 6

Germany Solved Polish Cryptographic Systems

The cryptographic systems of the Polish Government in Exile for the most part had been solved in Germany. Consequently, insight was obtained into the thinking and the plans of influential English offices. It could be seen that the British took the invasion seriously for only a short time. In any case, they were ready to accept it and were resolved, in case it succeeded, to continue the struggle from overseas.

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Honoring Captain Marc Ratkus, USN, CO CIWT Pensacola

Tomorrow, Captain Marc Ratkus retires after 40 years of service.  A highly respected Naval Officer, he served our great nation and Navy with honor and distinction as and a Cryptologist Warfare Officer.  Enlisting in the Navy as an E-1 through the delayed entry program, Marc Ratkus advanced to Chief Petty Officer and selected to Chief Warrant Officer, Limited Duty Officer and finally Special Duty Officer (Cryptologic Warfare), achieving the rank of Captain!  Captain Ratkus’ biography, command achievements and End of Tour award follow:

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