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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology

Remembering CTSN James Lee Lenau, KIA, USS Liberty

CTSN James Lee Lenau
January 9, 1947 – June 8, 1967

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Remembering MGySgy Edward R. Storm (Cryptologist), KIA Vietnam

MGySgt Edward R. Storm
January 8, 1930 – December 29, 1969

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NSGA San Vito Disestablished January 6, 1993

U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) San Vito was located at San Vito dei Normanni Air Station, near the port city of Brindisi, on the Adriatic Coast, 60 miles from Bari, 10 km from Avellino, Campania, Italy and 300 miles southeast of Rome, on Italy’s boot heel.

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NAVIFOR Domain Senior SOY (Sea & Shore)

Greetings Information Warriors,

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What We Do?

As warfighters, we provide highly accurate and timely information to decision-makers so they will make the right decisions.  We also deliver warfighting effects!

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NSGD Ramasun Thailand Established January 1971

U.S. Naval Security Group Detachment was established at Ramasun Station, Thailand in January, 1971.

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