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The APPLE Logo

Did Alan Turing, the computer scientist and cryptologist of World War II inspire the APPLE logo?

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84 Years Ago Today!

84 Years ago today the term “group” was first used to identify the organization later to be known as the Navy Security Group.  The following is an email from VADM Jan Tighe (ret) as Fleet Cyber Command/Commander TENTH Fleet, dated 2015

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Remembering RADM Rafael C. Benitez

As a Commander, Rear Admiral Benitez was the commanding officer of the USS COCHINO (SS 345), the first submarine to deploy with Communication Technicians Direct Supporting Operators!!

Rear Admiral Rafael Celestino Benítez
March 9, 1917 – March 6, 1999

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Remembering SGT Lucas T. Pyeatt, USMC, (Russian Linguist) KIA Afghanistan

SGT Lucas T. Pyeatt
U.S. Marine Corps
March 5, 1986 – February 5, 2011

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55 Years of Silence

Have you ever wondered about the events that surrounded the establishment of the On-The-Roof Gang (OTRG) award and the buildings at Corry Station the were dedicated to the OTRG members?  If so,  you may find this article from the “All Hands” magazine dated October 1983 interesting.

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March 2, 1965 VQ-1 Supports Operation ROLLING THUNDER

In early 1965 VQ-1 commenced a series of missions in the Gulf of Tonkin, aimed at locating enemy radars using BRIGAND.
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