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DIUx, Pimp my Frigate

Image courtesy of One Piece of Awesome TUMBLR account.

Over at USNI Proceedings Magazine, CAPT Tony Butera and CAPT Dale Rielage have dropped an idea of what the Navy could do with one or more of the Oliver Hazard Perry FFGs CNO has mentioned he is thinking about bringing out of mothballs in order to more rapidly meet ship numbers.

To get right to the point:

DIUx—leveraging its commercial solutions openings process—would hold a disruptive design contest, offering unconventional partners the chance to conduct modernization experiments on board the frigates. In much the same way that Space-X’s faster development and launch processes forced reforms of entrenched procedures at NASA in 2010, the design contest could transform fleet modernization practices.

Article may be found HERE.


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The Future of… Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (D+4)



The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 2016 is over for the year. It is time for reflection, writing, and action. If you missed it, you can watch a stream of it here and here.

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The Future of… Defense Entrepreneur’s Forum (D-1)


It is interesting to me to watch the impact social media has had on traditional social structures. When I think of the gathering places in society – universities, churches, markets, town parks, social clubs – they are all struggling to find relevancy in the face of social media. The truth is, the fundamental reason these organizations were designed they way they are is to bring people together and share information, make decisions, and socialize with like minded people. Continue reading “The Future of… Defense Entrepreneur’s Forum (D-1)”

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