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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology



Plotting Your Course

As Executive Officer of NIOC Colorado, I was afforded the opportunity to speak via VTC to each of the graduating CWOBC classes.  I truly enjoyed these engagements and have missed them since moving on to sea duty.  In an effort to share some of my talking points, I offer the following, written for CWOBC graduates but applicable to anyone beginning a career in Naval Cryptology.  Enjoy!

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Honoring Our Own — CWO3 Mario Vulcano, USN (Ret)


In the summer of 2015, Station HYPO was in its formative stages, emerging from the simple mission statement — “Celebrating the past, present, and future of Navy Cryptology.”  As the Station HYPO team was formed, an easy choice to focus on our history was CWO3 Mario Vulcano, USN (Ret).   Continue reading “Honoring Our Own — CWO3 Mario Vulcano, USN (Ret)”

“It’s a Wonderful Life” – In Memory of CTICS Jeffery Heilman

Taps. The flag is folded. Hand salute. “…on behalf of a grateful nation.”

Such were the closing minutes of the memorial service celebrating the life and service of Cryptologic Technician Interpretive Senior Chief Petty Officer Jeffery Heilman. Jeff passed away on Christmas Eve 2016 watching his favorite Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” with family and friends at his side.
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