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CVN Intelligence Department

As announced below, Navy Aircraft Carriers will now have an Intelligence Department….

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Five Initiatives for the IWC


As we conclude Information Warfare Community Week, Station HYPO offers the following five initiatives for the IWC…

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Recent Articles Related to the IWC


Station HYPO offers the following reading list of recent articles related to the IWC..

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Information Warfare at Sea

Image released by LCDR Dave Nunnally, PAO CVN 65.

Station HYPO is proud to host the following article written by LCDR Nathaniel Rightsell, an active duty Cryptologic Warfare Officer.

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Valuing Command



Selection board season is upon us again, as are the orders convening those boards…

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FCC/C10F 2016 SOYs

f931f-c10fCongratulations to the FCC/C10F 2016 Sailors of the Year!

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