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Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Navy Cryptology



Hacking Ships At Sea

There are risks with being connected, even at sea…

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Trident Cyber Vulnerabilities

We can learn a lot from our allies.  What is there to learn here?

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Cyber Podcasts


How can you keep up with the latest cyber security news and events?

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Justice for a Fallen Shipmate

Eight and a half years after CTM3 Matthew O’Bryant’s untimely death, the Department of Defense made the following announcement… Continue reading “Justice for a Fallen Shipmate”

2017 OTRG Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 “On-the-Roof” Gang Award!

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DIWC’s Prayer

Thanks to BATARG/24th MEU for this submission.  Fair winds and following seas!

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