In a touching tribute to the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in the Global War on Terrorism, CTT3 Heaven Davis, from Plant City, Florida, has painted a breathtaking mural on the second deck of Building 513 in officer country located at IWTC Corry Station. This remarkable artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by cryptologic technicians in service to their country.

CTT3 Davis embarked on her journey with the United States Navy on July 21, 2022. Following the successful completion of boot camp, she was sent to IWTC Corry Station to undergo specialized training in the Cryptologic Technician (CTT) rate. Beginning with CTT “A” School (ELE) course, she then advanced to Shipboard Operations training. While waiting for the SLQ-32 (V6) maintenance course, the final leg of her training pipe-line, she seized the opportunity to pay homage to fallen heroes through her artistic talent.

The mural not only honors the fallen but also serves as a source of inspiration for those who pass by it daily. It represents the courage, sacrifice, and resilience exhibited by the cryptologic technicians who laid down their lives in defense of freedom. The mural’s prominent placement within officer country ensures that their memory remains alive and well among the naval personnel who continue to serve their country.

“While painting this mural,” said CTT3 Davis, “I’ve thought of the significance it’ll have on our community and what it already represents. I’ve had multiple people come up to me to tell me that they knew of them personally. The stories that they have shared with me have made this project that much more personal because I’ve seen firsthand the impact that they’ve had in our community. This makes me feel proud of the work that I am doing and strive to do the best I can with my ability.”

Upon completing her training at Corry Station, CTT3 Davis will be assigned to the USS CHAFFE (DDG 90), homeported in Hawaii. Her passion for the CTT rate was sparked by a high school teacher who had served in the Navy. Inspired by stories, she eagerly sought a career that would allow her to serve her country and make a difference in the world.

While CTT3 Davis is committed to her naval service, she also harbors ambitious long-term goals. One of her aspirations is to obtain a degree in biomedicine. Her dedication to learning and personal growth reflects her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society, both in and out of uniform.

The efforts of CTT3 Davis, in creating this beautiful and meaningful mural, demonstrate the power of art to commemorate and pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Through her talent and dedication, she has succeeded in creating a lasting memorial that will be cherished by generations to come. As CTT3 Davis continues her naval journey, she will undoubtedly carry with her the memory of those who gave their lives in service, forever honoring their legacy through her artwork and unwavering commitment to her country.

Starting in the upper right going clockwise list our fallen:

CTT1 Robbin  N. Collins, USN
Killed while standing watch in the C6F AOR
August 9, 1994 — July 18, 2021

LT Thomas C. Fouke
Killed in Training
September 19, 1983 – January 17, 2012

CTRCS(IW/EXW) David “Blake” McLendon
Killed in Action, Afghanistan
29 Nov 1979 – 21 Sep 2010

CTM3 Matthew J. O’Byrant
Killed in Action, Islamabad, Pakistan
10 May 1986 – 20 September 2008

CTTC(IDW/SW) Christen Pike
Killed in Action, Afghanistan
November 19, 1981 – March, 13 2013

CTR1(EXW) Michel J. Strange
Killed in Action, Afghanistan
June 6, 1986 – August 6, 2011

CTR1 (SW) Steven P. Daugherty
Killed in Action, Iraq
May 16, 1979 – July 6, 2007

CTICS(IW/EXW) Shannon M. Kent
Killed in Action, Manbij, Syria
May 11, 1983 – January 16, 2019

“I would like to thank Mr. Vulcano and LT Oberholtzer, as well as the officers and staff that have encouraged me through the process of completing this project. A special thanks to CTR1 Guidry for his support, and CTR1 Zumwalt for presenting me this opportunity.” – CTT3 Heaven Davis

Thank you Shipmate,
Station HYPO