CDR Sheivon Yuille is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and received a commission United States Naval Academy and designation as a Surface Warfare Officer.  She served her initial Sea tour on USS BULKELEY (DDG 84) as the Main Propulsion Division Officer, Force Protection Officer and Lead Visit Board Search and Seizure Officer.  During this tour, she participated in two deployments in support of the Global War on Terror, one with USS IWO JIMA Strike group and the other with the USS NASSAU Strike group.  Her second sea tour was in USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS (FFG-58) as the Navigator and Assistant Operations Officer.  Her deployments onboard ROBERTS included Counter Narco-Terrorism Deployment and Africa Partnership Station deployments.

Following her division officer tours, she reported to the United States Naval Academy, where she served as a Visit Services Officer in the Office of Special Events, a sub-set of the Office of the Superintendent, an Adjunct professor in Mathematics, tutoring Midshipmen in Calculus and Differential Equations, and the Women’s Track Team Officer Representative.  It is in this capacity that Commander Yuille earned a Master’s Certification in Information Systems and Operation from the Naval Post-Graduate School and a Master of Science degree from Northeastern University.  She was also selected for lateral conversion from Surface Warfare to the Cryptologic Warfare Community.

As a Cryptologic Warfare Officer, she was assigned to Navy Information Operations Command at Fort Meade, MD where she was a Battle Watch Captain for the Fleet Information Operations Center.  Following her assignment as a BWC, she was assigned to national mission as a Computer Network Exploitation Analyst and Deputy Branch Chief in Enduring Targets Division at the NSA.

Upon completion of her tour at NSA, CDR Yuille reported to the Pentagon to serve on the Navy Staff’s OPNAV N2N6 as a Requirements Officer and Resource Sponsor for Directed Energy and Surface Electronic Warfare Programs. She was also the NATO Naval Armament Group representative for Navy Surface Electronic Warfare. While at OPNAV, she was selected for milestone, and completed her milestone tour at SPECTRUM Information Warfare Division at Nimitz Operational Intel Center.

CDR Yuille is currently completing Joint Duty as the Operations Officer in the Central Security Service Operations Integration Directorate. She currently resides with her husband Alex, son Joell, daughter – Kaylee, and cousin Jeniya.