The Intelligence Specialists (IS) rating:

The Intelligence Specialist (IS) rating was established on July 26, 1975 by combining the Photographic Intelligenceman (PT) rating (established on April 10, 1957) and parts of the Yeoman (YN) rating.

Photographic Intelligenceman (PT)

The PT rating badge was hour glass that represented an image seen through a magnifying glass. The Sailors in this rating interpreted high-altitude aerial photos. Initial IS training (“A” School) was conducted at Lowry Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado until 1984 when the school was moved to the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) in Dam Neck, VA.

Photographic Intelligenceman 3rd Class Charles R. Pearson uses his stereoscopic equipment to analyze an aerial image of an enemy site in Vietnam. Note the PT rating badge looks similar the stereoscopic equipment used.