Starting tomorrow there will be multi-series postings outlining the Winds Code Message controversy.

The Winds Code Message order was an instruction from Tokyo to Japanese legations worldwide that diplomatic relations were in danger of being ruptured.  While the code was set up, the question is whether the code was transmitted as a precursor to war in the Pacific. This is the bases for the following series.  The last of the series starting on August 29 disagree with Captain Safford and Mr. Briggs, but, what will be your conclusions when present with testimony?

The following posts will start tomorrow:

August 10: Biography of Mr. Ralph Briggs.  Briggs reignited the controversy by stating in a 1977 interview that he intercepted the Winds Code Message while serving as an intercept Morse code operator at Cheltenham, Maryland.  Mr. Briggs was born on this date, 1914.

August 14-20: Seven part series of the actual 1977 interview with Mr. Briggs that reignited the controversy.  At the collusion of this series a copy of the interview will be available for downloading.

August 21: A single post with Mr. Briggs Log entry explanation.  A copy of the original document will be available for downloading.

August 22-27: Six part series, giving Captain Safford’s statement he made in January 1946 regarding Winds Message.  At the conclusion of this series a copy of the original document will be available for downloading.

August 28: A single post giving a statement by LT D. W. Wigle, the Chief Radioman in-charge at Cheltenham regarding the Winds Code messages.  This is the same Wigle that Mr. Briggs mentioned in his 1977 interview.

August 29-September 02:  Five part series by Robert J. Hanyok and David P. Mowry from the Center for Cryptologic History National Security Agency, 2008 refuting Captain Safford’s and Mr. Briggs’ claims regarding Winds Code messages.