After 18 years as a closed rate to Navy women, the Communications Technician rate has opened up.  Over the holiday leave period, SR Barbara Zich, SR Carol Frost, and SR Paulette Blake, reported aboard the Naval Communication Training Center (Corry Station) from RTC Orland for CT “A” (administrative branch school).

Navy women have previously received CT training in YN school at Imperial Beach.  They were dropped from the school in 1954 primarily because of the difficulty it took to send such a few number of women to duty stations in the restricted rate.  By 1960 most of the rated women CT’s were out of service.  The first Navy women now arriving for CT school here will be enrolled in “A” Branch school.  Eventually “O” and “R” Branch school will open up.  CT “A” school is a six week course.

SR. Paulette Blake fills our division forms

Before their classes convened on January 8, (1973), two of the Navy women were part of the holding company; assisting staff personnel in office work.

First Navy women to check-in for CT “A” school since the rate was reopened to women.

Before the command could accommodate the women sailors, a few adjustments were required to be made in their berthing and training areas.

It appears, BT2 Braxton just doesn’t know where to put 2 more Navy women as they report aboard NCTC at the main gate.

SR Zich, 18, hails from Chicago, Illinois, Even though she has only been in the Navy a short time she says, “The Navy gives me a feeling of independence and at the same time a feeling of being protected.”

SR Frost, 19, is from Emporia, Kansas.  “I joined the Navy to get all the training I could and to receive college benefits for when I get out of the Navy and to travel.”

SR Blake, 18, is from Norfolk, Virginal.

Source: NCTC Corry Log, January 12, 1973