To serve, Joe Glockner simply wants to help where he can!

Joe Glockner is the man behind the “Navy CT History” website.  This unofficial Naval Security Group (NSG) website that Station HYPO often acknowledges, is dedicated to preserving the proud and rich history of the Worldwide CT Community and Our Naval Security Group.

In early 2000, Joe established a website that was limited to his personal information and photos.  By mid-2000, he expanded the website and started to add as much information as possible about the history of the NSG. He discovered in his research that NSG over the span of 65 years had maintained and operated dozens and dozens of SIGINT sites throughout the world, known by CTs as duty stations. This ignited a passion in him that drove Joe to find out as much as possible about each these treasured duty stations.

Driven by his passion and research, Joe discovered Karl Kristiansen was maintaining a NSGA Bremerhaven specific website.  While Joe was sharing his photos and memories of NSGA Bremerhaven with Karl, the two became friends and Karl mentored Joe.  This mentorship encouraged Joe to expand the website to place a collection of CT School class photos, photos for each of the NSG duty stations, and command patches and logos on the website.

In 2009, the website expanded again.  Joe, with the assistance of others, created a CT TAPS page.  Today, Joe either found or documented TAPS for 12,644 NSG personnel.

As the website continued to evolve, Joe added master email roster page for all CT Roster (not station specific) and then he reorganized the website that showed duty station specific email rosters.  After Karl Kristiansen passed-away in 2013, Joe took over the email roster for NSGA Bremerhaven. Unfortunately, no one was able to access the Bremerhaven website, so Joe moved the existing email roster information from Karl’s website and incorporated into his. This page of the website is a great way to reconnect with shipmates you served with!

To maintain this labor of love, Joe devotes about 10 hours each day, researching and updating.  Sadly Joe’s wife passed-away in 2012 and his website and all that is required to maintain it keeps him busy. 

Joe joined the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association in 1994 and later became a Life Member.

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Joe’s Biography:

CTTCS Joseph A. Glockner, USN, (Ret.)

Joseph Albert “Joe” Glockner was born in 1944 in Alhambra, California. He graduated from Temple City High School, Temple City, California, in 1962 and enlisted in the Navy at Los Angeles, California on May 28, 1962. Following boot camp at San Diego, California and graduating from Communications Technician School, Corry Field, Pensacola, Florida, he served the NAVSECGRU at:

Hanza/JSPC, Okinawa, 63-65; KamiSeya, Japan 65-67; Skaggs Island 67-69; Bremerhaven, Germany 69-72; Guam 72-76; NSA/Ft. Meade, Maryland 76-79; completing 22 years of service at Wahiawa, Hawaii 79-83.

Joe completed Career Counselors School, Virginia and Advanced T-branch SC-360 School, Pensacola, Florida.

Medals and awards include Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendations (two awards), Good Conduct Awards (five awards), National Defense Service Medal and Humanitarian Service Medal.

Following retirement on December 31, 1983, CTTCS Glockner entered the civilian work force as an Electronic Equipment Repair and Maintenance Technician, retiring 17 years later from Texas Instruments/MEMC Southwest, Inc, of Sherman, Texas.

Joe – Thank you for your service and dedication shipmate!