CTNCS Ruben J. Montano, Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

Senior Chief Montano has been at the forefront of cryptologic innovation, integrating and synchronizing Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Cyberspace capabilities in support of time sensitive, no-fail operational requirements.

He has consistently sought out opportunities to lead cryptologic teams taking on the nation’s hardest operational and intelligence challenges.  Furthermore, he was instrumental in developing advanced cryptologic capabilities leading to multiple highly sensitives, national-level operational success within the Department of Defense.

He also contributed to  the increase lethality of Information Warfare through pioneering advancements conducting full-spectrum cryptologic operations in declared theaters of active armed conflict against great power competitors.

His dedication to mission success enabled offensive cyberspace operations supporting U.S. Cyber Command and the Intelligence Community, and he was a critical component in the Department of Defense’s first-of-its-kind maritime-enabled cyberspace operations.

Congratulation CTNCS Montano!