MGySgt Robert T. Johns, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command

Master Gunnery Sergeant Johns’ contributions to the Marine Corps and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) community are unrivaled, and his career has touched every aspect of the SIGINT enterprise, from entry-level training where he shaped future generations, to expeditionary operations around the globe.

Through his expansive and extensive approach to SIGINT training and operations, he auspiciously built upon a storied, remarkable foundation.  His actions and his selfless and sociable attitude to both junior and senior Marines alike ensured positive and responsive reactions to his initiatives.

His contributions to the entire Marine Corps SIGINT community shall be felt long after his transition the supporting establishment, and his near-prophetic SIGINT insight will only become more apparent as the Marine Corps positions itself for success during its transition towards a future-oriented force.

Congratulations MGySgt Johns