Tomorrow Captain Joe Sears will be relieved by Captain Holly Yudisky as the Commodore, Cryptologic Warfare Group-SIX. 

Captain Sears served as Commodore Cryptologic Warfare Group-SIX and Commander Task Force 1060, from May 2019 to September 2021.  Below are some of Captain Sears’ accomplishments while serving CWG-SIX/CTF 1060.

  • Lead CTF 1060 Distributed Signals Intelligence (DSO)/Direct Support (DIRSUP) Operations Fleet Information Operation Center (FIOC) ensuring 24-hour indications and warning, as well as reach-back support to deployed forces globally.
  • Operationally, Cryptologic Warfare Maritime Activity SIXTY ONE (CWMA-61) FIOC watch participated in 36 major exercises and provided support to four separate geopolitical events that satisfied requirements levied by the highest echelons of military and national security organizations. Additionally, FIOC responded to 600+ requests for information (RFIs) from Fleet, joint, and national customers.
  • Created the “Commodore’s Warfighting Seminar” for CWG-6 and six Activities Cryptologic Warfare Officers. Leading monthly seminars emphasizing renewed focus on Great Power Competition (GPC) with the goal of reestablishing the Wardroom’s baseline warfare knowledge to include the role of information warfare across the spectrum of conflict.
  • Executed global cryptologic direct support (DIRSUP) missions augmenting 30 Cryptologic DIRSUP Element teams on-board 24 Fleet combatants deploying 112 Sailors for a total of 2,009 days supporting Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)-directed operations in Commander, FIFTH Fleet (C5F), Commander, SIXTH Fleet (C6F), and Commander, SEVENTH Fleet (C7F) areas of operation. Deployed 77 Sailors for a total of 7,875 days supporting C5F, C6F, and C7F.
  • CWG-6 Detachment (DET) Digby/CTG 1060.2. As part of FIOC United Kingdom (UK), the detachment greatly improved collaboration between US Navy (USN) and Royal Navy (RN) forces while supporting C6F, C10F, and the RN forces worldwide. Supported planning for the UK’s Carrier Strike Group 2021, the maiden deployment of the Queen Elizabeth as well as coordinated with the RN to provide 10 DIRSUP teams for deployment onboard 10 RN platforms.
  • During unprecedented COVID-19 impacts, drove CWG-6 processes and personnel to rapidly evolve to National, Naval, and Fort Meade Garrison policies to protect the force. Flawlessly led stand-up of a COVID Task Force to compile reporting COVID statistics and establish Stop Movement Waivers and Restriction of Movement (ROM) procedures.
  • Since September 2019, Fort Meade Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) supported over 10,000 Sailors and family members in the Fort Meade community by providing 5600 individual client sessions for 9400 participants while also transitioning to virtual platforms in response to COVID-19.
  • Directed CWG-6’s Honors and Ceremonies Division, which was recognized for outstanding support to Naval Heritage across Military District Washington. Team remained first choice among nine Navy commands as they flawlessly executed 168 events.
  • Managed the Command Educational Service Officer (ESO) providing Navy Wide Advancement Exams (NWAE) administering 3,540 advancement exams with an advancement rate of 48.78%, 23.89% above the Navy-wide rate of 24.89% to include safely testing 1600 Sailors iaw COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Despite restrictions to in-person learning due to COVID-19 restrictions, ensured CWG-6 Command Language Program Manager implemented a strong pivot to virtual language training; facilitating 300 Significant Language Training Events to satisfy annual Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) language training requirements and maintain 91% readiness.

Commodore Sear’s biography:

Captain Joe Sears, U.S. Navy
Commodore, Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX
Commander Task Force 1060

Captain Joe Sears is a native of Lexington, KY and a graduate of the University of Kentucky receiving a B.A. in Political Science. He graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in 2004 where he earned his Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Originally serving as a Cryptologic Technician Collection (CTR), he completed recruit training and Cryptologic Collection “A” School in 1991. He served his initial assignment at Naval Security Group Activity Misawa, Japan. In 1994, he reported to the USS Gettysburg (CG-64) as a cryptologic analyst conducting operations in the Arabian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, and Caribbean Sea.

In July 1996, Captain Sears commissioned as a Special Duty Officer (Cryptology), now Cryptologic Warfare Officer. He earned his Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification in 2005 and was designated a Joint Qualified Officer after his tour at U.S. Cyber Command in 2013.

Assignments have included: National Security Agency (NSA), Information Assurance Directorate as the Navy Advocate for Information Assurance; Pre-commissioning Detachment Roosevelt (PCD-80) as the detachment Officer in Charge; USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) as the Signals Information Warfare Officer supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and maritime interception operations; Navy Information Operations Command Suitland as the Advanced Projects & Demonstrations Deputy Department Head; commander U.S. 7th Fleet embarked aboard USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) as the Cryptologic Resource Coordinator and Collection Manager; U.S. Cyber Command as an intelligence operations planner and Chief, Combat Targeting; Navy Information Operations Command Maryland as the N3/CTF 1060 Operations Officer directing cryptologic and cyber operations supporting fleet commanders worldwide; Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola as Commanding Officer; Chief Of Naval Operations where he served as Deputy Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (OPNAV N2N6); and NSA Computer Network Operations Mission Management Deputy Chief. CAPT Sears currently serves as Commander, Cryptologic Warfare Group SIX and Commander, Task Force 1060.

Captain Sears’ awards include the Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious Service Medal (2), Meritorious Service Medal (3), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (4), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, South West Asia Medal with Bronze Star, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Marksman Pistol (expert), and various unit and service awards.

Congratulations on a successful Commander tour!