U.S. Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Dupont, SC activated in August, 1942 and was disestablished on December 1, 1957.  NSGA Dupont mission was radio intercept and direction finding (Station D).  Personnel, mission and functions were transferred to NSGA Northwest, VA. 

The city of Dupont was named for Commodore/Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont, (1803-1865) U.S. Navy, who served as a Flag officer during the Civil War. Commodore Dupont commanded the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron in September of 1861.

Rear Admiral Dupont led the expedition that captured Port Royal, South Carolina on November 7, 1861 and became a national hero with this victory.  Following the occupation of Hilton Head Island, he was directed by the Navy Department to attack Charleston with ironclads. Having little faith in success, he carried out a failed attack on Fort Sumter, April 7, 1863. Widely criticized, he was relieved of command on July 5, 1863. Following this failed attached, a dispute between DuPont and the Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, as to the responsibility for this defeat, continued until DuPont’s death.  He was in line for an appointment within the Navy Department, but died in Philadelphia of a respiratory ailment in June, 1865 before it came through.  DuPont circle and fountain in Washington DC were named in his honor.

Note: CAPT George Paul McGinnis was the Commanding Officer of NSGA Dupont, 1950-1952