Of February 24, 1960, the USS Triton (SSRN/SSN 586) became the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth in Operation Sandblast. Triton accomplished this objective during her shakedown cruise while under the command of Captain Edward L. “Ned” Beach, Jr.  Triton was the only member of her class and had the distinction of being the only Western submarine powered by two nuclear reactors.

Two days after leaving New London, Connecticut, Captain Edward L. “Ned” Beach, Jr. informs his crew of the Navy’s plans for the USS Triton (SSRN-586) to complete the first submerged circumnavigation of the earth. The mission took 60 days and 21 hours, from 24 February to 25 April 1960.  Source: U.S. Naval Institute


Triton’s Combat Information Center (CIC), displaying status board and radar consoles.