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January 2021

Station HYPO Posting on MeWe

If you are thinking about leaving Facebook or have left Facebook, Station HYPO will be posting navy cryptologic history and other cryptologic relevant postings on the following MeWe page:

Station HYPO will continue to post on Facebook.

COMINT OIC of USS Pueblo Shares Account of Capture

Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Harris’ life had just been spared from execution when it dawned on him: Nothing will make you appreciate being from the United States more than the possibility of never returning.

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NSGD Groton Established, January 1959

In January, 1959, the Naval Security Group Detachment (NSGD), Groton was established. Ten months later, in October, the Naval Security Group designated its first Special Assistant for Naval Security Group matters and assigned him additional duty as Officer in Charge, Naval Security Group Detachment, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.

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DEHAVEN Special Operations off TsingtaO (DESOTO) Patrols

DEHAVEN Special Operations off TsingtaO (DESOTO) patrols were patrols conducted by U.S. Navy destroyers equipped with a mobile “van” of signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment used for intelligence collection in hostile waters. 

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Remembering CRM Walter Joseph “Sandy” McGregor, OTRG Instructor

February 4, 1906 – February 27, 1941

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Honoring RADM Isaiah C. Cole, USN, 42nd Commander to Lead the Cryptologic Community

Rear Admiral Isaiah C. Cole biography follows:

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