Applications due NLT 26 March 2021. Message follows:

R 281902Z JAN 21 MID600050184690U
NARR/Ref (a) is the CNOs NAVPLAN 2021. Ref (b) is the
Information Warfare, WTI (Warfare Tactics Instructor) Program
Instruction 1501.1C that includes purpose, program description,
eligibility requirements, and application process. Ref (c) is
NAVADMIN 298/20, the US Navy COVID-19 Standardized Operational
Guidance Version 3.1//

POC1/Parker, Scott/CDR/IW WTI Program Manager/LOC: Norfolk, VA//
EMAIL: scott.w.parker1(at)
POC2/Gray, James (Tre’)/CWO4/Deputy IW WTI Program Manager/LOC:
Norfolk, VA// EMAIL: james.e.gray(at),
james.e.gray(at) TEL:757-836-2823//

GENTEXT/RMKS/1. NIWDC announces the solicitation of applications
for the 21-2 IW WTI Training Development Cycle (TDC). NIWDC seeks
outstanding Naval (USN/USMC) IW officers (O2-O4, CWO2-4), and
senior enlisted (E7-E9) professionals to join this advanced cadre
of warfighting focused IW experts.

2. Why WTI. Reference (a) states the necessity for a resilient,
penetrating, and integrated all-domain naval power to compete and
win today while accelerating the development of a more lethal future
fleet. Our IW professionals must be able to outthink and outfight
our adversaries by cultivating a culture of warfighting excellence
and integrating IW capabilities and effects across the naval
warfighting spectrum. Essential to achieving this end state is the
development of the IW WTI. IW personnel suitable for nomination
should be top performers in their organization, who regularly
demonstrate tactical excellence and embody a warrior ethos. Desired
WTIs should be a composite of talent, approachability, and humility
that seek opportunities to mentor and develop warfighters in IW.

3. WTI Selection Process.
3a. The IW WTI application requirements have been revised to better
assess the best qualified applicants. Please thoroughly review
reference (b) which describes the IWWP eligibility and application
requirements in preparation for submitting a WTI application.
Ref (b) is available for download at:
along with a WTI application as a .PDF fillable form.

3b. 21-2 WTI TDC will be offered for the following IW Mission
-Meteorology and Oceanography Operations (METOC)
-Intelligence Operations (INTEL)
-Command and Control/Cyberspace Operations (C2/CO)
-Electronic Warfare Operations (EW)

3c. Submit fillable form application with required enclosures in
a single .PDF document via the link in paragraph 3.a NLT
26 March 2021. If unable to comply with package submission
requirement above, contact the message POCs for further
coordination and guidance.

3d. Final selections will be announced via message traffic
on or about 09 April 2021.

3e. Selected WTI Candidates will be provided reading material
in preparation for 21-2. All Candidates will be expected to pass
a comprehensive entrance assessment upon arrival.

3f. Selected WTI Candidates will attend the 21-2 TDC, a 12-week
commitment, from 12 Jul 2021 through 29 Sep 2021. Candidates
that successfully complete the WTI TDC will be designated as

Level 4 WTIs.

3g. NIWDC will fund all travel and per diem expenses for
Candidates outside the local area. Travel details will be
coordinated SEPCOR with each Candidate following selection.

3h. Applicants conducting a permanent change of station
move between selection and 21-2 training completion are still
encouraged to apply. Nominating command POCs and NIWDC will
coordinate with Detailers and the gaining command to resolve
potential timing conflicts whenever possible.

4. COVID-19 Considerations:

4a. WTI training is considered mission essential travel and
directly supports fleet warfighting requirements.
4b. Due to COVID-19 requirements, WTI Candidates traveling
from outside the local area (Hampton Roads VA) may be required
to conduct a 2-week pre-training ROM at our local NGIS lodging
facility from 28 June 2021 to 11 July 2021 prior to class
convening IAW reference (c). ROM requirements will be coordinated
with Candidates SEPCOR.

5. NIWDC is planning another WTI TDC in January 2022. Anticipate
announcement message release in August 2021.

6. Guidance to Commanders: Please ensure applications are
submitted with your endorsement IAW section 3.c of this
message. Endorsements must contain the following statement:

Applicant meets all requirements outlined in NAVINFOWARDEVCEN
1501.1C, the physical fitness standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1J,
and has an active TS/SCI security clearance.

7. IW WTIs – Battle-Minded. Trusted. Innovative. Relevant.
Request widest dissemination.//