Starting tomorrow, there will be a seven part series by Fred Bumgarner about his time in Vietnam as a Communications Technician performing Communication Security (COMSEC) duties.

About the author:

Fred Bumgarner lives in southern Maryland. He is a retired Federal employee who worked at the Pentagon for 32 years as a civilian Air Force employee in the Legislative Liaison Directorate involved in defending the Air Force budget before Congress. He has a B.A. in political science/history, and an M.A. in congressional studies. He is also a retired chief warrant officer 4 (cryptologic officer) with 26 years combined active and reserve duty with the Naval Security Group. He is married to Virginia (Ginny) Bumgarner, the father of two grown daughters, Kelli and Kate, and grandfather to four grandsons – Camden, Colton, Cayson, and Cannon.

(Photos in this story are largely my own, though I relied on Wikipedia and some other Internet sources for the maps and selected photos)

Written by Fred Bumgarner

Featured photo: CTR2 Fred Bumgarner aboard USS Francis Marion (APA 249) in the Mediterranean Sea in 1969

Thank you Mr. Bumgarner for sharing your story with Station HYPO.