Five Marines, William Kiser, Paul KIugler, William Thomson, Ogden Wilson, and Winnett Robinson were trained in Kata Kana at the Navy Intercept Station in Shanghai in 1927.

On September 20, 1927, these five new intercept operators departed Shanghai en route to Peiping.  In October of 1927, CRM Dorman Chauncey arrived in Peiping.  Under the leadership of CRM Chauncey, the station was established.

USS Trenton
USS Trenton (CL 11)


In September 1928 William Kiser and Winnett Robinson were assigned “spec temp det d” on the USS Memphis (CL 13).  CRM Chauncey, Paul Kugler and Ogden Wilson were assigned to the USS Trenton (CL 11).  They remained on board for most of September.

Below are the Marine muster sheets showing their assignments.





The featured Image is the USS Memphis (CL 13).

Source: John “Gus” Gustafson, CTRCM (ret)