There is something magical about radio waves.

A signal, transmitted in the air, from one antenna to the next, passing information.

All you need is a good receiver and an antenna.

Installed on a ship, in an aircraft, or held in the palm of your hand, the concept is the same.

Turning a dial. Rolling through the spectrum. Tuning up a signal. 


I spent many days at sea, and hours in the air, working my way through the spectrum.

The pops and clicks found in HF. 

The incredibly efficient communications of a taxi cab dispatcher in FM.

Foreign radio stations playing rock n roll, or the call to prayer.

TV audio in UHF.

The professional communications of mariners on bridge to bridge, occasionally interrupted by the so-called Filipino Monkey.

Spinning and grinning, as they say.

Enjoying every minute. 

In the words of Freddie Mercury:
“I’d sit alone and watch your light
My only friend through teenage nights
And everything I had to know
I heard it on my radio”

A lost art in the age of the internet?  Maybe.

A renaissance awaiting its time?  No doubt.

Again, Freddie Mercury:
“You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio (radio)”

Feeling the need to spin and grin but lacking the requisite equipment?

Check out this website:

Choose a receiver on the map and spin and grin to your heart’s content.