CTO2 Steven Joseph Tesmer
July 6, 1946 – April 15, 1969

Steven in enlisted in the U.S Navy, trained as a Communication Technician (Operator) (CTO), and was crew member of an EC-121 surveillance aircraft.

On April 15, 1969, while on a surveillance mission over the Sea of Japan in support of the Korean truce, the EC-121 aircraft he was flying in was shot down. All 31 crewmen were reported missing.

CTO2 Steven Joseph Tesmer was a secure teletype communicator.  In addition to flying in international airspace off the coast of North Korea, Steve flew out of Da Nang, Vietnam as well, earning an Air Medal.  The tongue-in-cheek article below appeared in the Naval Communications Station Philippines (San Miguel) base newspaper, the South China Sea Sentinel sometime around January 1969.  CTR3 Tom Clements, who supplied the clipping, provided the following background – “The event celebrated the visit of San Miguel’s Captain Burke [to Da Nang].  The Captain was known for taking pride in the landscaping of the homes in San Miguel and every month a sign designating “Yard of the Month” was placed on the winning yard.  We found a rake somewhere and Steve dressed up as our Japanese gardener.


Today, Steven Joseph Tesmer would have celebrated his 74th birthday.
RIP brother.