Captain Petty was a career cryptologist and served in a variety of positions throughout the Naval Security Group, Naval Network Warfare Command, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. TENTH Fleet, along with many other positions throughout the Navy and Joint Force.

Some highlights of Captain Petty’s career include:

Cyber professional with over a decade focused on advancing cyberspace operations, policy and doctrine development, and capability integration.

Co-founder U.S. Naval War College, Center for Cyber Conflict Studies. Created and led an education enrichment center dedicated to energizing organizational outreach and partnership building, enhancing

faculty development, expanding student learning opportunities, and ensuring synchronization across academic disciplines and educational organizations in the area of studies related to cyber operations and warfare.

Recognized by Federal Computer Weekly with the Fed 100 award; the Department of Navy, Chief Information Officer Information Management/Information Technology Award.

Secretary of Defense Information Assurance Excellence award for leadership in advancing the Navy’s Computer Network Defense mission.

Led the Navy’s cyber defense team to earn the highest-level certification ever achieved by a Department of Defense (DoD) organization.

Director, Operational Planning, Policy and Doctrine Development, International Engagements, and Capability Integration in support of U.S. Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, and Navy/Fleet requirements.

Guided the development of the U.S. Navy’s Cyber Operations 5-year strategic plan. Benchmark plan that is driving the Navy’s transition of cyber from an enabling function to an operational capability, significantly increasing the Fleet’s security posture and providing superior military options at the tactical, operational and strategic levels

Oversaw the planning and successful execution of the most important cyber warfare experiment in Fleet history. This paradigm changing event resulted in the re-prioritization for fleet security requirements.

Graduate-level Joint Military Operations professor teaching operational art, planning theory, and strategic decision making.

Director, Information Operations Elective Area of Study. Visualized and created a nine-course electives program to address issues in Cyberspace Operations, Strategic Communications, and Operations in the Information Environment offering a unique opportunity for senior military and government students to expand their understanding of emerging concepts in contemporary conflict.

Commanding Officer, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command.   Was responsible for the defense of Navy networks worldwide. Led a highly technical cadre of professional network engineers and technicians monitoring and responding to events throughout the U.S. Navy’s global network infrastructure. Built the operational foundation that continues to drive cyber security operations across the Department of Defense.

Information Operations Officer, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and U.S. FIFTH Fleet, in Bahrain. Served as a Staff Planner for Information Operations and Maritime Influence activities.

Joint Staff Officer and Information Operations Officer in U.S. Joint Forces Command, Norfolk, VA.   He led a cross-organizational team of Information Operations and Cyber specialists, concept developers, exercise planners and action officers to ensure synchronization of myriad complex issues.

Fleet Cryptologist/Assistant Intelligence Officer on Carrier Group FOUR staff. Served as the Battlegroup Cryptologic Resource Coordinator responsible for delivering advanced cryptologic integration training to fleet units in preparation for naval operations world-wide.

As you can see, Captain Petty held a wide variety of positions and had very successful career in the Navy, Industry, and Academia.

RIP, Captain!