The above photograph was taken in front of a captured Japanese Navy Communications facility.  The U.S. Marines, 3rd Radio Intelligence Platoon took over the station and used as communications interception facility. Pictured are Marines and Navy Radio Intelligence personnel.

Front row: (1) LT Jay David, USNR (NAVSUPPRADSTA OIC); SGT Donald W. Enochson; and (3), at far right, 1st LT Joseph A. Petrosky, Jr, USMC (Platoon Commander and On-The-Roof Gang member, class #12).

Second row: (kneeling): (4) PFC Wilbur G. Gilland; (5) PFC John Cavrich; (6) PFC Kenneth R. Perkins; (7) CPL Charles A. Jamerson; (8) CPL Richard F. Hudson; (9) PFC Floyd W. Dial; and (10) SGT John R. Menser.

Third row: (bending over): (11) PFC William R. Van Sickle; (12) PFC James M. Reifert; (13) PFC Robert M. Condon; and (14) CPL Hubert J. Merrigan.

Back row: (standing): (15) SGT John M. Crook; (16) PFC William Phillips, (17) CPL Norman E. Martinson; (18) CPL Paul E. Bailey; (19) CPL Kenneth W. Bean; (20), with cover, MTSGT Clarence F. Gentilecore (Platoon Sergeant and On-The-Roof Gang member, class #11); (21) SGT Ernest W. Brown; (22) SGT Benjamin F. Wright: (23) PFC Robert J. Kopczynski; (24) PFC Ralph C. Bradshaw; and (25) PFC Keith K Bean.  On watch personnel were not included in the photograph.


Kwaj 0001 - Japanese Defense Bunker, Kwajelin Atoll 1944x
Japanese Defense Bunker, Kwajalein Atoll, circa 1944
Kwaj 0003 - C. B. Tompkins and island transportation 1944
C. B. Tompkins and island transportation, circa 1944
Kwaj 0007 - Sailors Schmidt, Crosby and Creed 1944
Sailors Schmidt, Crosby and Creed, circa 1944
Kwaj 0006 - Schmidt and Crosby, Eniburopr Island, Kwajalen A
Schmidt and Crosby, Kwajalein Atoll, circa 1944

Kwajalein Atoll

Source: Corry Station Command Display